Friday, December 31, 2010


Enjoy our cozy GO GO Sao Tome resort, experience jungle trekking, explore marine blue Atlantic waters, and a lot more....

Sao Tome honeymoon package by GO GO STP

Be part of a unique adventurous and romantic trip on the exotic island of Sao Tome. You can enjoy irreplaceable, virgin equatorial nature, spiced up with diverse activities according yours and your partners taste.

GoGo Base Camp

Enjoy a morning with a world famous locally produced Sao Tomese coffee, and fresh fruit breacfast on our exceptional view point verandas. Deepen your sight in the horizon and if you are lucky you’ll probably see the whales passing by on eye sight distance. In the evenings our base camp verandas are perfect for observing the stars while having a glass or two. But don’t get too lazy in our cosy resort, because the real adventures outdoor are waiting for you!

Fishing and boat trips

Go Go’s all equipped fishing boat offers a real big game time. You can choose from a full fishing package to half time fishing and boat tours adjusted to your vacation time. You should not miss a tour around the island refreshed with cool fresh fruit cocktails, in combination with snorkelling, swimming and pure relaxation on an exotic scenery background.

Beach and nature

We can offer you an unforgettable open air romantic dinner, on deserted beach with pure sunset colours and if you’re lucky billion- star- sky. You can spend the night in alternative camping site surrounded by the sounds of the mild jungle. You can also chose a cosy bungalow and contribute for the island’s Eco Tourism development. Praya Piscina, Micondo, Praya Colonia, Santana, Praya des Juventudes, Praya des Conchas, Lagoa Azul… are only few of the Sao Tome’s natural beach capacity… but You can have even more than that.

Wild Sea Kayak

Take a kayak turn around the unapproachable parts of the island, or explore some of the small near by islands situated all along Sao Tome’s cost. You will feel breathless from the view of the Atlantic horizon and its wide blue palette.

Off road, climb and trek

You can take part in jungle trekking and 4x4 off road rides according your physical preparedness. Climb Pico de Sao Tome 2024m, as once known as highest point of colonial Portugal. Visit old colonial “Roca”- plantages of coffee, cacao, banana, palm oil etc. Try the sweet local Vino de palma, picked up directly from the highest palm trees and enjoy its natural drunkenness power. For the science oriented clients there is plenty of endemic flora and fauna to observe. Rare turtles, bats, birds, plants and flowers you can only find here.

Sao Tome civilization

Do not miss the urban image of Sao Tome as well. The anti stress life moto here is the well known “leve leve” expression meaning “take it easy”, which is used in absolutely any kind of moving activity. So don’t be surprised by slow motion life efficiency, typical for all equatorial line.
Interesting but low maintained colonial architecture is a real challenge for photography addicts. African mixture of portraits brought in Sao Tome in colonial time few generations ago are now real photo models posing for free with an unselfish wide smile. Culture and art can be seen in few museums, gallery and workshop spaces as well as in the active international cultural centres which are regularly organizing exhibitions, concerts and diverse cultural events.

Go Go push-up package

For the restless and most curious ones, we offer a never-ending adventure list: kite surfing, moto cross, rock-climbing, diving, hard-core local parties and a lot more.

Any activity you chose, you will be accompanied with experienced guides trained by our well chosen internationally specialized team.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Korab 2764m, 5.09.2010

Eden kup lugje: planinari, alpinisti, sportski kacuvaci, letaci, kombinacija od prethodno navedenite ;) (nevozmozni za da dobijata naziv nitu titula), pa duri i obicni smrtnici.... po nekoe zivotince, mnooogu sonce i kumuluscinja, se sobraa zaedno na edno mesto - na vrvot Golem Korab 2764m, vo nedelata na 05.09.2010.
Tradicionalnoto iskacuvanje na Korab po povod 8 Septemvri den na nezavisna Makedonija, ovaa godina go poddrzaa okolu 2500 vljubenici vo planinata od desetina zemji na svetot.
Dobro druzenje so dobro vreme vo ubava priroda im go razuvavi denot osobeno na onie koi za prvpat stapnaa na najvisokit Makedonski vrv.

Over 2500 national and international mountain lovers, supported the traditional climbing of Korab mountain 2764m, dedicated to 8th of Sept. - independence day of Macedonia. Great spirit, beautiful weather surrounded by the lovely virgin nature, were things to remember on the highest Macedonian peak "golem Korab" last Sunday on 05.09.2010.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some drawings and colored documentation...

Crtezi/Drawings & Akvareli/Watercolors :
STP vs EU vs CN.
Od privatnata kolekcija/From my private collection 2010-2009

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zli Dol - Orhrid, hot summer climb

Just when we arrived home in the hot&dry Macedonia somewhere in the beginning of August, we took a week off to Ohrid.
Wishing for a true vacation, it only lasted for a day or two... Lots of drinks, party and finally some good sleep in a real cozy bad after 5 weeks (or more) in a tent on the cool snowy Alps.
We soon got bored from beach and swim, so we used three - four active days on Zli Dol crag in the shadow of Galicica mountain.

Thx to Petar we refreshed our stocks with some new climbing gear ;))

Ljuboten 2499m - August 010

While our short stay in Macedonia, one late afternoon around 10th of August we climbed the beautiful Ljuboten peak 2499m.
Even though Ljuboten is one of my favorites here, I must say it's nicer in winter time, especially with skies on. :))

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Likovna Kolonija Kavadarci 2010

(English below)


Nova Galerija "Konjska Mua" - Mihajlovo 2010

Slikari, vajari, graficari od cela Makedonija, Srbija, Hrvatska, Slovenija i Bugarija inspirirani od avtenticnata flora i fauna vo nesekojdenvanata mikroklima na Kozufskoto Mihajlovo, ucestvuvaa na tradicionalnata lkovna kolonija od 15 do 22 Avgust 2010. Okolu 25 umetnici tvorea pod ist pokriv cela nedela, a svoite dela premierno gi izlozuvaa vo novo-promoviranata galerija "Konjska Mua".
Profesionalni likovni umetnici i drugi ljubiteli na umetnosta so razlizcni likovni iskustva od najrazlicni generacii, sozdadoa prekrasni dela koi bea nameneti za humanitarna cel. Imeno na 22 Avgust kolonijata bese oficijalno zatvorena a delata izlozeni vo kulturniot dom vo Kavadarci. Slikite se prodavaa po pat na aukcija a sredstavta bea donirani za izgradba na crkvata Sv. Petka vo Kavadarci.

The international Art colony "Kavadarci 2010" was held in Mihajlovo at the university forest house on the beautiful Kozuf mountain. Around 25 artists from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria from different generations and background took part and created their art works in diverse artistic expression.
The official exhibition was opened in Kavadarci on the 22nd of August, where the art works were donated on humanitarian auction sale. The funds gained from the auction were donated for construction of the new church in Kavadarci "Sv. Petka".

Ilina going wild on Union glacier :)