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Finaly, Everest 13 story & photos :))

Wow I don't know why but for the first time it took me so long to publish this great experience...
Over 10 years experience up and down the mountains around the world, action and passion with the outdoors, hundreds of rocky, snowy and grassy peaks behind, you could guess the challenge goes up to the highest Earth's summit.
Personal goal: to reach Mount Everest on the age of 30.
National goal: To become first Macedonian female on top of the world :)

(Knowing that no woman from my country and nation has climbed it so far, I had a double challenge and motivation).
At the moment when I felt enough psycho –physical strength to survive the effort, I had a bigger issue to face, which is finding financial condition for supporting this kind of expedition. Until the last moment I was uncertain whether I will be able to join the expedition this year or not. It was not easy in the past year and a half to be your own PR, manager and an athlete at the same time. I believe this phase taught me…