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Ski alternativa

"Ski alternativa" is the new project which includes ski descents from higher mountains.
Possible challenges for 2014:

Elbrus 5642m, June 2014

Mustagh Ata 7546m, Sept 2014

 Mera peak 6476m, Nov, Dec 2014

What will be your choice?

The final steps, Mount Everest 8848m, 23 May 2013

The final steps up towards the summit.

After solid acclimatization period of almost three weeks we arrived at Everest Base Camp.
The transport of equipment up to the higher camps, gave us an extended acclimatization and introduction with the terrain.
Two more times up and down the Cumbu ice fall, till we reach altitude of 7200m by touching camp 3.
After completing all segments: feeling good at altitude above 7000m, transporting all the equipment, getting familiar with the ice fall we go dow and rest while we wait for our turn for a summit push.
At this time I had injured my leg, I was really concerned about my further performances. It was a crises I was facing at the BC, where all medical problems I've faced before, were now coming out the surface.
That is one of the reasons why I took more time to rest and join the last group from our team to go up.
Finally I over came all the problems and situations, and I completely recovered my leg.
17th of May was the moment when definitely w…

Galicica - Magaro 2014