Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pure Adventure travel in Macedonia - Ikar hut, Ohrid

Dear friends, 
for the ones who don't know it's been 3 years now since I live in Lagadin, 8 km south of Ohrid town (towards St Naum monastery), running this cozy little guesthouse/hostel IKAR Hut
The house is full of traveling stories and experiences from 3 generations of our family, being colored with signatures of hundreds of guests from all continents who dropped by and stayed with us. 
We have: 4 bedrooms (2 family rooms+ 2 dorms), big common room, dining room, sharing kitchen, 3 restrooms, green garden and chilling terrace. The lake is 30 seconds walk down the street, and the mountain is rising just above our back yard. There is plenty of activities to do such as: swim, dive, kayak, canoe, road & mountain bike, hike, climb, fly - para glide, or just chill, write, draw and day dream smile emoticon. The national park Galicica with its rich bio diversity is a great destination for scientists passionate about photography, bird watching or specific scientific researches. The altitude of around 700m gives amazing air - therapy climate which is welcomed for people with special needs.
We organize creative workshops, supporting environmental education and active concept of living.
Everyone is welcome!
Contact me for any details, Ilina: 00 389 70 377 826

Short video:
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Patchworks by Ilina

    Being a conscious individual trying to effect the mass population in increasing environmental respect and eco habits, I'm showing an example of recycling and reusing my personal waste. Not only the one I produce as a non high consumer, but also the waste collected in our family basement pulling so many emotions, too strong to be able to get rid of some ugly old objects. Painting old furniture and giving them a second life is common thing in my house - the  IKAR hut, hostel in Ohrid. 

        Patchworks is one of the latest art projects I am currently working on, while using all textile and paper waste I find around the house. It is consisted of series of small format collaged paintings, where almost every old but meaningful piece of trash has a chance to become framed art. 

I like the combination of texture and color of different patterns which can later serve as a base where painting intervention follows, or the real design of the textile dominates depending on the composition. Each one of them functions independently as a single piece of art. Still, the entire composition of 100 pieces 25x25cm, has interesting interactive concept, when changing the place and combining them in smaller groups. 
Here are some of them.