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SOS call for protecting Ohrid lake

Trying to make the world happier by posting and sharing mostly positive and exciting moments from my life, today I feel the inevitable need to share something different. I'm writing this in English for not only my literate citizens but also the world to read about the system and society we live in. It's been 3 years now since I live in Ohrid, Lagadin where I work in tourism, after 13 years working & researching in that field in Macedonia and abroad (Turkey, Croatia, Malaysia, China, USA, Africa).

More than a month ago all inhabitants and property owners of  Lagadin village signed a petition against a Government's project for cruelly destroying protected natural heritage around Lake Ohrid, specifically against the current project for building a Mediterranean beach on the Lagadin coast line.   

Referring to existing laws and quoting scientific experts, the petition states that this part of the lake (as most of it) needs to stay untouched in order to prevent dislocation a…