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The 7 summits dream, personal story by Ilina Arsova

The 7 summit dream, by Ilina Arsova
July 2006, my first contact with a big icy mountain. Exactly 10 years ago with members of the mountain rescue unit from the Macedonian Red Cross, we have reached the beautiful Mont Blanc summit 4807m. as a highest peak of the Alps and Western Europe. That was the beginning of an intense addiction and desire for spending more time at altitude, thin air and snow. All my future plans went in direction of climbing and mountaineering, although that was not my priority at the time. After having spent almost two years climbing and mountaineering around Asia (2008-2009), reaching the first 5000m and lots of rock climbing routes, the appetites were growing together with the heights. By the end of 2009 with my partner Ilija Ristovski we had already experienced dozen of 3000 - 5500m peaks in China, Turkey, Indonesia & Kazakhstan. Traveling and working at the same time was not easy for supporting the passion of high altitude mountaineering, yet things wer…