Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ikar hut projects 2017

Even though the year is not over yet, we slowly start to summarize the recent activities of IKAR hut  in the creative 2017, where we have hosted international youth gatherings, art workshops, film workshops, survival camps, and eco-activism activities.We are happy to be the ones responsible for creating the network for many new friendships on international ground, while educating the new generations about environmental and outdoor responsibilities.

Ikar hut is surely becoming a brand for team building activities, where we offer exceptional master classes in diverse fields for youth and adults, professional team for all outdoors, motivating presentations though personal storytelling while cooking together and learning more about Macedonian kitchen.  Accommodation and some of the activities are based in our cozy yard and spacious house, surrounded by beautiful nature in the feet of Galicica NP and the shore of Ohrid lake. 

We are pleased to share this short newsletter with some info and photos from our work in the past year. As the winter is on its way and we are passionate about telemark, snowshoeing and ski touring,  we look forward to organize some more of it on the magical snow covered mountains.

February 2017: The Ikar hut's team participates in the traditional Telemark revolution event, Mavrovo NP. This was the 3rd year of Telemark promotion in Macedonia and 2nd year for the international  Balkan telemark week.


March 2017: ARTVENTURE, a cross border cooperation for students from Ohrid, Prespa and Albania. 2 day mosaic workshop, basic survival mountain skills and introduction to Ohrid, world's cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO

June 2017:   ECO WEEK Lagadin, short movie workshop and Eco patrol for raising environmental awareness in the Ohrid region.  Main group of participants were the enthusiastic scouts from Limal21 Belgium,  in support of the citizen initiative Ohrid SOS.

July 2017: Ikar hut was supporting the self - organized creative demonstration of Lagadin people, against illegally built hotel in the village. Check out the video here:


Sept 2017: Ikar hut supporting "the day of the reeds" so called "Trskava - Vrskata", public event in the center of Ohrid with multimedia performance highlighting the significant role of the reeds and wetland for the clear waters of Ohrid lake.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Currently: Lurra, paintings, watercolors by Ilina Arsova

Насловот накусо опишува еден номадски пат, користејќи го Баскијскиот збор за планетата Земја, Lurra. Шарените планини потекнуваат од нов психолошки момент во ликовното творештво, каде по долгогодишно со-дејствие со природата, почнувам да ја разоткривам нивната душа, внатрешна содржина, темперамент, наместо дотогашната чисто надворешна, визуелно- естетска форма.
Во продолжение на циклусите „Патеписи“, „Мојот дневник од височините“ и „Таа и Јас“,  овде фигурацијата добива доза на апстрактен приказ каде речиси секогаш доминира потребата за оставање на чисти бели површини кои на композицијата и даваат свежина и чувство на безтежинска состојба, како еднa непрестана пловидба во просторот. 
Изложбата е отворена во домот на култура Кочо Рацин, Скопје од 27.10 - 03.11 годинава.


Следниот ден, на 28. 10 во галеријата на Мирослав Масин, Art kitchen, веќе имавме премиера на сосема друг проект, фото-документација од перформансот ЗЕРО