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Top 10 climbing trips in 2017

Trying to sum up top ten climbing destinations visited in 2017, I am looking back a year ago celebrating the NY's eve on a climbing week in Leonidio, Greece, exactly the same place where we have started and ended the year 2017.
           The winter was fulfilled with  local, regional and international snow mostly engaged with the Balkan telemark gathering as a 3rd year promotion of this sport on the Balkans.
I would definitely highlight February when I have visited my dear friends in the heart of "the high Alps" - the magic La Grave, where you can ski, ice climb or climb rocks sometimes even at the same time.
           Then, early spring took me to south of Italy, climbing and skiing the highest European active volcano, Etna in Sicily. This short trip ended up with couple of  intensive climbing weeks in Spain surrounded with amazing scenery and high quality rock.
            In the late spring to early summer my working base was moved to Montenegro where I …