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Endless mountain adventures, Huaraz

Coming to Huaraz, was in the first place one of the main reasons for my latest trip to South America. I was aware that it is the middle of the rainy season and my biggest love, the higher peaks will not be accessible at the moment, still I can tell I discovered endless hiking and mountaineering opportunities year round.

In the next post I will talk about the highlights in general from Peru and Ecuador, but right now I will only focus on Huaraz, lodging, eating and hiking experiences.
It is a "must visit" destination if you are traveling around South America especialy if you are an outdoor person. This is a perfect gateway for all nature lovers, as Huaraz is located in the heart of the second highest mountain range in the world, the Andean Cordillera blanca.

There are plenty of daily trips you could take, such as: laguna 69 or laguna Paron (both shown on the pictures below). Both these tours are within 3 to 3.5 hours drive from  Huaraz and 2 to 3 hours hiking in the area. Th…